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We have a great passion for organizing weddings

We have a great passion for organizing weddings therefore we are able to create an unique and unforgettable event. Aruba is a great wedding destination and we give you the opportunity to turn a stressful planning period into a process that is smooth and easy.
Aruba is the perfect paradise for your dream destination beach wedding. Our happy island sits in the crystal-blue waters of the South Caribbean, below the hurricane belt, and is home to year-round 82-degree weather, so you’re almost guaranteed a perfect day.

Sarah’s great family moment on Aruba

Sarah's great family moment on Aruba

Memories for a lifetime on beautiful Palm Beach Aruba

Amazing Eagle Beach

Amazing Eagle Beach

I love Eagle Beach for our ceremonies, no spectators, no beach chairs, just beach and ocean.

Make the right choice

Planning a wedding from a distance is not easy. You need to find a reliable and reasonable priced planner and a great photographer. (most important ingredients)

Now how do you start your research? Google? Forums? Tripadvisor? The Knot? Wedding Wire? (I mention a few)

I know it’s not easy, and most likely you will end up in a jungle of information and recommendations. Still I do advice to do your homework and look and ask around, compare, why?

You will not believe it but the ones who call themselves premier wedding planner or photographer most of the time are the worst inexperienced amateurs. Don’t get fooled with that. Don’t get fooled with a 5 years experience in business when they just started. And again, I told it many times before beware of the fake brides and reviews.

We did a small research and most of the couples that found us love our website because it’s so rich with information and easy to navigate. The Hugh list with (real) testimonials helps a lot as well of course. 

We like to be open and honest with our rates, and are one of the few planners with package rates on their website. 

The Wedding Veil

The Wedding Veil

The veil dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They were wary of evil spirits and demons, and bright colors were believed to scare off these unwanted spirits. Occasionally, a Roman bride was completely covered in red veils to protect her from evil spirits. Others believe wearing the veil stems from the time of arranged marriages. The father of the bride may have feared the groom would not want to marry his daughter if he found her unpleasant to look upon, so the bride would be heavily veiled and she would not be revealed to the groom until after the ceremony. 

Many believe the tradition of the ‘unveiling’ stems from Biblical story of Jacob and his two wives. Jacob’s father-in-law, Laban, tricked him into marrying Leah instead of his true love, Rachel. Leah was heavily veiled and Jacob did not realize he had married the wrong woman until after the ceremony. Thus the Jewish tradition of Bedeken was born, where the groom lowers the veil before the ceremony and raises it prior to the kiss. 

The veil became popular in England during the 1800’s and signified modesty and chastity. In the Christian tradition, the veil is lowered by the father before the processional and is raised by the groom prior to the kiss. 

In some Eastern ceremonies, the bride is veiled throughout the entire ceremony and is not unveiled until after it is over. 

The wedding veil has evolved over the centuries, and has signified youth, virginity and modesty. Roman brides were married in swathes of brilliant red or yellow, while Viking queens wore metal skullcaps. Many Japanese brides still wear the traditional tsuno-kakushi, a white hood that supposedly hides the horns of jealousy. Veils made of lace were made popular in the United States by Nelly Curtis, the adopted daughter of George Washington. Legend has it that Major Lawrence Lewis, her father’s aid, saw Nelly standing behind a filmy lace curtain and he was so taken by her beauty that he asked for her hand in marriage. She then wore a lace veil on her wedding day in order to preserve the effect for her groom.

Aruba Wedding Comic # 15

Aruba Wedding Comic # 15

Getting out of the Aruba wedding room

David & Kimberly inside the beautiful historical town hall of Aruba

David & Kimberly inside the beautiful historical town hall of Aruba

David & Kimberly inside the beautiful historical town hall of Aruba.

Our town hall: This Caribbean-Aruban styled mansion was erected between 1922 and 1925. Eloy Arends commissioned the construction of the building before his marriage to Maria Monica Lacle. Tradition in well-to-do families in Aruba at the time stipulated that on the day of his marriage a man had to present his wife a new and fully furnished house.