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Today’s Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer I can not complain about the amount of work, but………………..

It’s not getting easier, specially for the bigger groups. 35% of folks in the US owning tablets and 51% owning smart phones, so can you imagine how many family members are taking pictures with these devices and other cameras. Can we as single person photographers compete with so many persons shooting from all different angles and positions? I don’t think so, and couples need to be reasonable that we cannot divide our self in 12 pieces.

Sometimes I get the impression quality does not manner any more, and how many brides still make an album, it’s all digital and very easy to publish on a blog or social media.

Do I need to forbid the family members to take pictures during the ceremony? I never did and most likely will never do, that’s up to the bride and groom to decide.

It’s very annoying if so many other persons are taking pictures. The problem is that these family members and friends are all well known by the couple, and they will jump on the couple with their camera’s as soon as they can. So when it’s finally my turn to take a picture the couple is so tired of all these poses it’s not funny anymore. And for some reason they behave different when a good friend is taking pictures because it’s all fun. But when the professional photographer is taking pictures it’s suddenly serious.

So here is the message to future brides…………….Be reasonable and communicate very well with your professional photographer about this. If you work with a resort ask who is going to be your photographer and send him an e-mail because you will have special wishes.


Trash the dress on Aruba

Trash the dress on Aruba

A lot of fun on Eagle Beach at the Bucuti resort