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Paradise exists

Paradise exists

The amazing Hyatt Aruba garden

Cheap photography

Some folks will say, you are not within my budget. I will look for a cheaper photographer. (cheaper photographers will give cheaper results)

But most likely most people don’t have an idea what we as professional photographers need to invest, it’s something like:

4 Nikon DSLR camera bodies, 4 high grade lenses, 5 flashes, a whole bunch of memory cards and rechargeable batteries, chargers, tripods, camera bags, camera straps, editing software, computers, cleaning kits, etc. (I am sure I forget a lot)

And of course the time to get to the location, the fuel, the maintenance on my equipment, it all needs to be replaced on a certain moment.

Beside that we guarantee a speedy delivery of the pics. 


The Moore family on Aruba

The Moore family on Aruba

Fun photo shoot on Aruba with the Moore family at the RIU resort.