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If you are good in what your doing and you are successful, your ideas might be copied. There is nothing you can do about it. Just try to be one step ahead every time and be happy they copied you because that means you are an example for them. 

Famous photographers with terrible pictures

I want to know how it is possible some “Famous” or “well known” photographers reach their goals with terrible pictures.

It’s easy to call a wrong picture “art” so you will get away with it. And you know what ? Some folks will even love it. 

So why should I worry if my pictures are sharp, well focused, well exposed, it does not matter because it’s all “Art” 

Just kidding……….I will keep delivering the same quality as I use to do.


Some folks will say “the pictures from my camera are underexposed” or “the pictures from my camera are overexposed” or “my camera is dead on” with exposure.

Well guys you are all right !

I have 3 Nikon D7000 bodies and with the same lens and same settings they all deliver different exposure results. Not just a little bit…………….no a lot !

What’s happening with these Nikon guys?

After the bad experience I had with the Nikon D7100 (major design errors), I am glad to get a hold of two more Nikon D7000 cameras. This is the perfect camera for me here on Aruba. The 16mp Sony sensor is really super, (and exactly the right resolution) under difficult circumstances compared to the 24mp Toshiba sensor from the D7100.

So you see not every new camera  is an improvement, even when the tests are good.