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The continuing soap on the wedding & honeymoon forum

The continuing soap on the wedding & honeymoon forum.

If I was a bride I should not take this forum serious anymore. Why?

The hughe amount of fake brides and fake or manipulated reviews in the past (and still) This is realy bad on a forum with 2 moderators working for the Aruba Tourism Authority.

Serious negative posts are being deleted under pressure of vendors (how is that possible?)

The fact that so called “forum members” aka vendors, are being pushed forward and recommended as the best etc.

The fact that vendors are allowed to post on the forum and give their own advice (that’s so wrong!)

I have the opinion a forum is something from brides to brides to exchange experiences. I don’t think moderators should act as a wedding expert, because they don’t have a clue what’s going on. Moderators are there to moderate.

Getting married is a serious business (not just a dinner in a restaurant), and brides need to be informed by a real bride to be, or married couples. Brides also need to be informed about this fake brides and fake reviews (but again under pressure of the vendors it is not happening while they know who they are) Yelp is the first one who starts fighting fake reviews, see

The quality of Aruba and Aruba wedding planners is very important for our island, and should not be destroyed by some just starting amateurs pretending being the best, or Aruba’s Premier Wedding Planner.

Marian & Christer Simonsson

Marian & Christer Simonsson

Great meeting with Marian & Christer Simonsson from Sweden at “La trattoria Faro Blanco” Aruba’s famous restaurant at the lighthouse.

Marian & Christer were married on Aruba 8 years ago, and visited our island together with Fredrik with a cruise ship this time.