Groom on the Right, Bride on the Left

Groom on the Right, Bride on the Left

Here’s why grooms usually stand on the right and brides on the left during a wedding ceremony.
Long ago, the right arm was considered the sword arm of most fighting men. If a man had to protect his bride, he would hold her with his left hand, and fight off attackers with his right arm.
The reason that men may have had to fight off others was because quite often women were kidnapped. Family members naturally wanted to rescue the stolen brides.
Sometimes even during the wedding ceremony, the grooms had to fight off other men who were desirous of their brides, along with the bride’s family members. So having his right arm free was an important strategy.
This tradition is followed today by when facing the officiant, having the bride stand to the left, and the groom stand to the right.
Another reason is that the union of the right hands of the bride and groom symbolizes their union as one, their strength in being together, and the combined resources that they bring to their marriage.
Exceptions to the Tradition:
During a Jewish ceremony, the bride is often on the right and the groom is on the left.


About Robert Arenz

He takes pictures for more then 30 years now, and love every aspect of it. Here on Aruba he had the opportunity to photograph more than a thousand weddings and beach ceremonies. His experience is priceless when it comes to capturing the story of a wedding. His dedication is to produce the very best quality of photographs straight out of the camera, bringing the joy of those moments to remember for the couples uniting in marriage. Of course Robert is familiar with all the resorts on Aruba. His casual and relaxed approach to capturing powerful and intimate wedding photojournalism, has given him his reputation as a professional photographer for weddings and ceremonies on Aruba. By using cutting-edge digital technology Robert is committed to providing his clients with uncompromising quality. His equipment contains the latest high resolution Nikon DSLR cameras, which guarantees fabulous images with incredible colors, but also black & white of course. Beside being free-lance photographers, Robert & Ilians are also owners and managers of Dream Weddings Aruba one of the leading independent wedding planners on Aruba.

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