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Footsteps in the sand

Another romantic moment on Aruba


Robert Arenz Aruba wedding photographer

The power of black and white

The power of black and white.

Why are some pictures incredible in black and white? Is it because the dramatic background stands out more? Is it because your eyes are more focused on the subject? Or maybe the mood?

Now of course we do a subtile change in the color and add a little red and yellow, but still everybody will see it as black and white.

I don’t know, but I do know some pictures are great without color.



What do you see in a picture?

Judging pictures and style is a personal taste, what do you see in a picture? What do I see in a picture? I still don’t understand that people love pictures who are completely wrong taken, with strange colors, out of focus, etc.

To be honest, we don’t like images with a “washed out” background we want to deliver colors and detail because that’s why you are on a tropical island.

The images that you see on our website are from real events and from couples who fell in love and chose to be united by marriage on our beautiful island Aruba.